about muffin top & bun bun baker
A novice cook

I like to cook.  I like to bake.  Sometimes I like to experiment and change the recipes slightly, such as substituting ingredients, quantities of the ingredients....., just to see what the results will be.  Of course, there's always a risk when you change one little thing from the original recipe, and disaster may follow.  Okay, I may be exaggerating....sometimes a little change can be a good move.  Though I will admit there have been times when I've thrown away what I made because of horrible results. But at the same time, "a good move" has helped me make quite a few delicious meals, snacks, and desserts that I enjoy very much.  It all comes down to this: "Do you like what you made?"  I hope I can share my experiences with everyone through this site, and at the same time learn from each of you.